Jobs and the Economy!

Hello everyone!

Here are “My Thoughts” on “Jobs and the Economy”.

There is a fundamental problem of not enough “good paying jobs” and people not having the money to spend, to get the economy rolling again. Not just in America, but in other countries as well.   I am by no means an expert in Economics, but I do know enough that when people do not have jobs and do not have enough money to spend and to pay bills, the Economy is going to suffer.

The main problems I see especially in the United States are:

1) Big Corporations are closing down factories in the USA and building new facilities in other countries.

2) The C.E.O.’s and top Executives of these Corporations and Companies are getting Exorbitant Salaries and the average worker gets paid very little in comparison.

3) Corporations and Companies do not use sound management practices or sound Financial practices. Thus they lose hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in Profits and workers are laid off to make up for the losses.

4) When companies and Corporations have major losses in profits they cut jobs to try and safe money. But what always happens is they still end up losing more money because the Poor Financial Decisions that got them in the poor economic situation are still being practiced!

5) The next thing that is done to try to save money and make profits is to drastically cut pay and benefits for the workers. This usually ends up having a negative affect on the morale of the workers and also affects the production rate. The company/corporation expects more to be done with fewer workers who are paid less or are compensated less for their work with less benefits, no overtime pay or less overtime pay, forced unpaid time off, and usually in more dangerous working conditions because maintenance is usually not performed to save even more money!

6) Companies and Corporations next cut the amount of product/product size, increase prices, cut services, or cut products to try to save money.

By doing this, this puts hundreds if not thousands of American workers out of work, but it also puts thousands of people in the other country to work. But, the problem with that is, The American workers are getting paid anywhere from $7.50/hour to $50.00/hour, depending on whether or not they belong to a union, what type of work they do, and if they get any extras like:  insurance, retirement, bonuses, etc..  The workers in most other countries do not make anywhere near what the American workers’ get. They are very lucky if they get several dollars per day!

Working conditions in the other countries are nowhere near as good as they are here in the USA. The Product quality also is sometimes not quit as good due to cutting corners to make a cheaper product so the company or corporation can make as much profit as possible. But what about the health and safety of the workers and consumers!

Here are a few easy and simple solutions that I feel will help alleviate the problems with Joblessness and the Economy.

1) Stop signing the Free Trade Agreements! Sign Fair Trade Agreements!!  With Fair Trade all parties benefit.

2) Increase funding for Education. With out education people will have the skills to get jobs.

3) Increase funding for Infrastructure. By investing in the Infrastructure: Building new, repairing and replacing aging roads,bridges, tunnels, dams, Railways, electric transmission lines, Pipelines, sewers, etc..  It will put people to work and help prevent many disasters from happening due to aging infrastructure.

4) Increase funding for alternative fuels for power generation and vehicles. This will put people to work and help reduce the need on foreign oil!

5) Increase funding for Recycling Programs. Anywhere from 80%-95% of what is thrown in the trash can be recycled! Recycle almost everything! This will put many people to work and save millions of tons of recyclable material from reaching landfills. Thus the landfills can stay open and operational for many more years than expected.  Put the people who are out of work that made the products back to work to deconstruct them.

6) Increase funding for more local organic farming. Will cut down of the time and distance produce and product has to travel to get to a store. Plus has the added benefit of less spoilage and less problems with disease outbreaks.

With just these few simple things, many hundreds of thousands of people if not millions of people will have jobs and then will have the money to pay their bills and also be able to afford to spend on extras.

What are your thoughts?


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